Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The world of one project is not enough...

Pathetic attempt at a James Bond pun there.

The baby blanket is coming on very well but I think I may start another couple of quick projects as well.

I think I will make a scarf for my NSSFC (Not So Secret Father Christmas) Bookcrossing partner. Several of us UK bookcrossers have volunteered to send a complete stranger a secret parcel containing at least one book and probably some choccies as well.

While I was at the Bookcrossing Unconvention at Birmingham in June, we exchanged goodie bags and quite a lot of people got knitted gifts. I thought this was a lovely idea so I shall make a fluffy scarf to go into my recipient's parcel.

My god-daughter Evie also asked me to make a scarf and gloves for her and as I already have some Elle Plume from the poncho I decided not to make for her I will make her a scarf for Christmas as well.

She may have to wait for the gloves though...

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