Monday, November 06, 2006

London trip a success

I had a very enjoyable trip, apart from being bored senseless at the Airport because I didn't have my knitting with me and my iPod decided to die as well.

I went to the Holbein in Britain exhibition at Tate Britain on Saturday - the textiles in the paintings were beautiful. He was a very skilled artist; the pictures look like real people; his drawings are exquisite.

The gallery was full of those annoying people who have the audio guide clamped to their head so stand right in front of you or move around like a load of sheep. As a lot of the pictures were tiny little miniatures or otherwise quite detailed, I had to hop about to get an unrestricted view of the pictures I liked.

I hadn't been to Tate Britain for years and was very impressed with the new layout. It was full of kiddies and parents too which was good to see (apart from when I wanted a seat in the Members' Room!)

I did toy with the idea of going on a boat trip on the Damien Hirst boat down to Tate Modern but decided to squeeze in a trip to John Lewis on Oxford Street.

Of course going on Saturday afternoon, along with all the world and his wife was not one of my more brilliant ideas.

The knitting department was bulging with people and buzzing - great to see! While I was there I peeked at the Rowan Studio booklet - some impressive and trendy designs but not many that could convert to vegan friendly versions I'm afraid.

I got some 4 ply Baby Snuggly wool in white and some cream / sand coloured Jaeger Siena cotton for the edging of the Heirloom baby blanket.

I have since changed my mind though and may get some Rowan Calmer for the edging instead; might be a bit softer for baby.

Knitting on the tube on Sunday, on the way to my mum's for lunch, I got talking to a charming pensioner who told me about knitting socks for her brother during the war to help him with his chilblains. She was off shopping at Petticoat Lane; must try that myself next time I'm down.


Anonymous said...

What's a 'vegan friendly' design? she asked curiously.
I'm back from Thailand - only took about 400 photos!

veganknitter said...

Hi Tutleymutley

Welcome back!

Something that's not made from an animal derived yarn / real wool which is what Rowan seem to be pushing these days.

I do have some "synthetic" mohair though which I could use instead.

Sarah xx