Friday, November 10, 2006

'Enders - they're all at it...

Instead of going to the pub last night to meet my veggie / vegan pals, I decided to stay in with my knitting and was thrilled that there were two (count 'em! - two) references to knitting in Eastenders last night.

In the cafe, Pauline said that she was planning to knit a jumper for her poison dwarf grand-daughter Rebecca "for Christmas". She'd better get a move on, especially as she doesn't even know how to knit but was going to get Dot to teach her.

I also think that gorgeous dimmock Honey was discussing knitting with her auntie, who is played by Una Stubbs; but whenever Honey is on screen my mind goes numb so they might have been discussing cavorting with Cliff Richard, The Shadows and Richard O'Sullivan aboard a double decker bus for all I know.

I also found some Patons Cotton Splash in my stash which will be just the thing for my Heirloom Blanket.

All this excitement has helped me get over the crushing disappointment of missing the delivery man with my new phone.


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