Monday, June 26, 2006

Moon and stars blankie

I finished knitting a moon and stars blankie for my friend Gilly's baby in January.

However, being me, I haven't got round to sewing all the ends in. Apparently he is being christened at the end of July - he is wearing a cream outfit so a pale blue blanket would be just the ticket.

So I have about a month to finish it off.

I sewed the ends in on the moon and 3 of the stars yesterday until it got too dark and I got fed up.

Only 7 more stars to go!

Monday, June 19, 2006

FEAST! community picnic

On Sunday a few of us from Manchester Vegan Society went along to FEAST! in Platt Fields Park, Rusholme.

Despite the rain, we had a lovely spot near the lake, under a tree and ate a feast fit for a queen.

Tam had made 4 cakes so we were able to stuff our faces and also had enough left over to give away to hungry clowns, unicyclists, stilt walkers and children.

I also did a bit of knitting and an interested member of public asked me what I was up to.

Jo from knitweararmy came and joined us too; she is off volunteering at organic farms in the South west so I wished her all the best.

Cotton tape bargain buy

On Saturday, Bev swept me to the glory that is Ramsbottom, jewel of Rossendale, in her new car.

We had a lovely lunch at a tearoom in town that had vegan food on the menu, raided the charity shops and also went to Clark Crafts, which is opposite the railway station.

It's a huge shop, full of crafty bits and pieces and lots of yarn. We also found some bag handles so I'll be going back for another visit sometime.

I bought 6 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape which were reduced to £1.99 each and also 2 balls of cream handknit cotton which I think I'll use to finish my travel pillow off with.

I should have enough Cotton Tape to knit a garment now, oh joy.

Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup fever...almost

I visited my good friend Janet in Thirsk, North Yorkshire this weekend and showed amazing restraint by walking past Sheepish, the town's glorious yarn shop and not going in.

Instead, I was enraptured by this delightfully retro shop window display.

It didn't persuade me to watch the match though...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Anna's Craft Room envy

I've just has a look at Anna's new craft room and am filled with admiration (Have a look yourselves by clicking the link to "Finally Waking Up")

My back bedroom looks like an explosion in a yarn factory, despite me already having a built-in cupboard.

I am filled with a mixture of green eyed envy, wonder and misery as I am sure that I too could have lovely craft room like Anna's if only I was better organised, was able to declutter and actually had the discipline to get on with it.

So thank you Anna, for giving me something to aspire to. I think I need some bossy friends round to sort it all out for me.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Knitting Magazine and Summer joy!

The postie got me out of bed by delivering some items from Amazon (A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian and The Time Traveller's Wife for a friend and the soundtrack to Punch Drunk Love for me) and the new issue of Knitting.

Knitting has greatly improved from it's distinctly grannyish and useless early issues and I am quite excited by this pattern for a circular blankie.

Plus no sewing up, which is always a bonus.

And it's a blessed sunny day today so I can actually foresee an occasion during our English summer when I could use it.