Monday, June 16, 2008

World Wide Knit in Public day hits Bolton

On Saturday I took a big bag of yarn and needles down to Victoria Square in the centre of Bolton and joined 12 friends from Bolton Knitting Noras and 2 Oxfam volunteers for World Wide Knit in Public Day.

As I am sick of the fluffy cushion I am knitting and had frogged the lacy scarf, I thought I would start knitting some squares for the MOMM:1400 blanket project being run by Oxfam Manchester.

The aim is to make a blanket from 1,400 knitted squares, each square representing one of the 1,400 women across the world who die every day in childbirth or pregnancy because of a lack of healthcare or medicines.

I made 1 and half garter stitch squares and we got our picture in the local paper, The Bolton News. I look awful though so I am relieved the photo isn't on the website.
I particularly like this picture of Lisa because of the bemused looking chaps in the background.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Big hat, little hat

I finished Bob's Pirate hat about a month ago and presented it to him on the morning of Linsay's wedding on 31 May.

My first attempt, following the pattern but not using the right yarn was a lot smaller and fitted Roscoe (who is now 13 months old) perfectly.

Grandma Mary took some pictures of them in their dad and son hats but I haven't got them yet so when I get them I will attach them to this post.

Last night I also unpicked the whole of my friend Amanda's lacy stole (in the very nonvegan yarn Kidsilk Haze I'm afraid - it's a gift and she isn't a vegan in my defence your honour).

I started it in November last year, made several mistakes and then ran out of yarn in about March. I also decided it was more of a lacy scarf than a stole so not quite the thing.

As I was heartily sick of it, it has been languishing in my knitting bag ever since.

I did take some pictures of it though before I ripped it apart and feel quite sorry now as it looks quite good in the photos!

I need another ball of yarn I think and then I am going to knit Seascape, from this month's Knitty, which seems much more the sort of thing I wanted.