Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wimbledon Men's Final bunting frenzy

While watching the Federer v Nadal Wimbledon final on Sunday, I managed to finish the festival bunting I started a few weeks ago.

I was knitting like a maniac for 5 hours, in between bellowing at the TV "Break his serve!" (Nadal couldn't hear me and I knew that) and pondering about how nice looking Gavin Rossdale from Bush is (and he was charmingly enthusiastic about the game too).

It was quite the most exciting afternoon I've had for a long time.

The bunting is for our Knitting Noras gazebo which we are erecting in the Water Garden at the Larmer Tree Festival from the 17 July. I am hoping it won't literally be a water garden as I don't have any wellies.

It was very easy to make: using 5.5mm needles (if you are a tight knitter like me) and double knitting, cast on 3 stitches and increase one sort of in the middle on the right side.

Carry on like this until your flag is big enough - I went up to 24 stitches and then cast off. I made each flag in stocking stitch with a border of 2 garter stitiches on each side (as my knitting always rolls up).

Make an icord of the appropriate length if you like (or use some ribbon) and presto! party / festival bunting!

It looks OK so far - I don't think there is enough bunting yet as Lisa reports that the gazebo is 10 feet wide but I made a 2 ft or so long icord and there are 10 flags on there.

I am previewing it at my swishing party on Saturday. It will be inside if wet.

We are getting up at 5am on Thursday to get there on time for the afternoon so I shall carry on making some in the back of Jacky's van so there may be enough by the time we get there!