Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And it's going back...

the love affair was short-lived...

Having taken the phone home in it's little plastic bag I noticed that some of the paint was coming off on the front cover.

This just won't do for a fashionista like me so I'm going to send it back.

As it's one of those phones you push up to open and turn on and that's where the paint was missing, this problem would only get worse with time.

I'm a bit disappointed and don't want a new one.

It wouldn't have happened in the 1950s when they made things properly.


Can I also add that this experience was not helped by being put through to 3 people when I rang, each one of which asked for all my details again. I was eventually advised to take the phone back to my local branch, which I did. One of the so-called customer services staff in the Bolton Branch of Carphone Warehouse was completely arsey with me when I asked them to send it back, even saying when shown the damage "Well, they're all like that".

Once a (charming) woman took over and sorted it out, he then spent 10 minutes rampaging around behind her shouting "I've lost my mobile".

Buyer, beware...

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