Monday, March 26, 2007

Gosh! Almost a month since I last posted...

and apparently, I am a world renowned ethical crafter - see here:

so I'd better make a bit more bleeding effort...

I have finished my tea cosy bar the sewing up (so yes, it isn't finished...).

Here is a picture of it in progress and one with the teapot it is destined for.

I have also started a baby blankie for my friend Is and her partner Bob's expected boy, Roscoe. I do hope the baby is a boy anyway, or I'm scuppered (although they don't believe in gender stereotyping). I am knitting it in a lovely varigated blue / turquoise Rowan cotton that I got from somewhere or other. The sides keep going wonky though as I am doing them in garter stitch and as it is for a first baby I want it to be perfect; I keep ripping stitches out and going back a few rows.

Since I last posted, the Guardian has gone craft crazy but I am not convinced; I will keep on knitting for a while yet whether it is trendy or not - fancy trying doing the knitted dalek though.

Apart from doing some rather erratic knitting, last Saturday I gorged myself on chocolate at the MVS / MVVG vegan chocolate tasting organised by Caroline - 4 trestle tables literally groaning under the weight of about 100 different types of vegan chocolates, sweets and cakes. (I probably exaggerate, but I did sample most of them...)

My favourites remain the Organica vegan couverture bar (it's like Galaxy, but vegan) and the "Trooly Scrumptious" hand made chocs (I bit into a Jack Daniels one and nearly fell over).

We are planning a wine tasting next - who says vegans don't know how to enjoy themselves...