Thursday, November 16, 2006

Make me a Supermodel...

well not ME, obviously.

Having just wasted 2 hours of my life watching this on Five I can only agree with Adam Faith's dying words, uttered while watching the channel: "It's all crap, isn't it".

The programme was horribly compelling though - the only person who came over as likeable and real was Rachel Hunter (but then I might be biased as she appeared in the video for Stacy's Mom by the great Fountains of Wayne AND survived marriage to Rod Stewart).

One of the finalists was Jen, who was apparently a "normal" woman of "normal size" and thus had huge popular support probably because she also spent the whole series being attacked for being "too large" by the panel; eg the 4 people in charge, 2 of which no-one has ever heard of.

Of course she is about a size 12 so they all proved themselves to be bodyfascists of the highest order. They didn't even show any remorse when the poor girl collapsed in a faint after starving herself (only Rachel rushed to help her).

Anyway, the worthy winner was the lovely Albert who seems much too nice and intelligent to be successful in the world of fashion.

Throughout the final I was obsessed by one of the judges, called "Theramin" or "NooNoo" (or something) who wore enormous shades throughout which even Roy Orbison would have rejected as too over the top.

It's a sick, sad world alright...

But it beats watching washed up "celebrities" inflicting daily torture and almost certain death on invertebrates on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here" or Steve Strange nearly taking someone's ear off with his clippers in "Celebrity Scissorhands".

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