Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hoorah. Le phone nouveau est arrive

I was good at French at school, me.

I finally got my mitts on my Cath Kidston phone today; it's been a saga.

I missed the delivery dude on Friday and then rearranged delivery to my workplace for yesterday.

Unfortunately, the guy who signed for it in the postroom used a name no-one knew (he's called George but signed "E Wins" (!!) and also didn't record it in the book and put it in the wrong pigeonhole.

You just can't get the staff...

I went down there today after giving the delivery people a blast on the phone and after a bit of searching my friend Sylvia found it in the Hair and Beauty Department pigeonhole. Get off you hairdressers!

I've now charged it up and put my new SIM in and it still says "No SIM card found".

It looks cute although it's a bit plasticky and you need teeny tiny fingers to get the SIM card in and a degree in physics to work out how to put the battery in.

However, I love it even if I can't actually use it yet.

So now I have the phone to match my Cath Kidston ironing board cover, tablecloth, tent and yards of boat fabric (which I haven't decided what to do with yet).

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