Thursday, April 13, 2006

Vegan 'taches

On my return from London I will be attending the April meeting of the Manchester Vegan Society at the Basement, Lever Street, Manchester.

We laugh, chat and eat cake. Sometimes I do some knitting.

One of our members, Anthony has a lovely moustache and he is usually at every meeting. However, he missed the last one so we all thought we should have emergency fake 'taches for any meetings that he doesn't come to.

I rashly volunteered to knit some and I have some brown eyelash yarn which would be just the thing.

So there's a project I can work on in London.

I'm not sure how we can affix them to our faces - perhaps we will have to screw up our top lips like Baldrick in Blackadder Goes Forth when he was impersonating Charlie Chaplin (or as Stephen Fry's character called him, "the slug balancer").

The photos will be quite amusing though (but probably only to me).


Alice said...

Well, make sure you post a photo and we'll let you know if it's funny (or not)! No useful suggestions for sticking them on, I'm afraid!

Cherry Rolfe said...

I agree with Alice - lets have a photo pleeeeaasse. Could you add ear straps to hold them in place? Perhaps not. Might look vaguely rude should they fall out of your handbag - thong like. I'll get my coat.

knitty knitty bang bang said...

Use Sellotape