Friday, April 14, 2006

London project sorted

I have promised some Rowan cotton to Anna in Liverpool so took the opportunity to sort my stash out a bit.

I found this Wendy Chic, pattern and bag handles, bought ages ago in John Lewis in Sheffield (it will always be Coles to me).

Unfortunately, I hate knitting with the yarn, having made a scarf for my friend Jane's teenage daughter Rachel the other month. I was fed up by the end; it's so hard to knit with I think.

I think the bag will look rather splendid when I've finished though.



Anna said...

Oh, Cole Brothers will always be that to me too, I spent a few years in Sheffield and loved it there, I was so upset when they changed all the names. Everyon in Liverpool still refers to George Henry Lee's (or George Henry's for short) rather than John Lewis, don't think that will change!

Harvey said...

Please knit me a jumper as 'Knitty Knitty Bang Bang' has only managed to do one cuff in two years whereas new bags, scarves & hats for herself are appearing each week! See link on front page for proof. It will be another cold winter, I tell ya. I would knit them myself I am rubbish with string...sorry, yarn. I am willing to pay you in Vegan treats (mashed wheat).