Monday, April 03, 2006

Shrug making good progress

Went to Sheffield for the weekend and managed to knit on the train, at my friend's house and also during the hour waiting for an uncancelled train to Bolton so made a lot of progress on my adaptation of the alpaca shrug in April's Knitting magazine.

I'm reusing the mauve Rowan cotton rope I got at a bargain price from Stash in Chester; I made a short cardigan in it first but it looked awful so this shrug is my second go at making a wearable garment from it.

The yarn is really easy to work with, I like it. However, the yarn is quite bulky and as the needles are quite big (8mm) and there are a fair few stitches, it's quite hard going.

I did try and do the lacy pattern but managed to snap one of the connecting points off my Denise needles because I knit too tightly so now it's in moss stitch instead.


Anna said...

Hi Sarah, looking good!

The WIP diagrams are from The code is all there and you just need to find where you want it in your template and then paste it in.

Looking forward to seeing your knitting!

Lisa B. said...

Hi, Sarah! Great blog. I also broke a Denise connector, and called the company for a replacement. They were *very* apologetic, said that it shouldn't have happened, but sometimes they'll have a tiny bubble in the plastic that gives them a weak spot. They replaced mine for free, and the shipping was really quick. I love those folks.


Vegan Knitting said...

It looks great! Looks awkeward on those straights, though. Good thing Denise is quick!