Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sparkly red corsage fun!

I am going to a wedding on Saturday and someone told me I couldn't wear bright colours as I would clash with the wedding party. Although I had a nice subtle outfit planned, I thus promptly went out and bought a red spotty dress which I will wear with red shoes and handbag.

My jacket is navy so I knocked off a red sparkly corsage to wear last night using instructions in Emma King's 25 Knitted Bags book.

I looks OK and and should finish off my not-very-bright-at-all outfit nicely. At least you'll be able to see me in the photos. Perhaps nobody will speak to me again though.


Alice said...

You are joking about the bright colour thing??? When I went to a wedding in October my hair was pillarbox red and the only thing I had to wear (I'd put on weight) was my navy, burgundy and pink silk dress. Talk about clashing! I think everyone is so busy looking at the bride, they luckily don't notice us!!! I like your sparkly thing

Stacey said...

I have never heard anyone say that before - not to clash with the wedding party - that's so over the top. Enjoy the wedding and the festive corsage.

Cherry Rolfe said...

Is it me?? Are more and more weddings turning into produced and directed performances with proscribed presents, outfits, themes and of course no children - God Forbid!!!!
Whatever happened to "we love each other, we love you lot as our friends and family (including you naughty noisy children)lets celebrate (give us a toaster if you can afford it)"
Wear your gorgeous corsage, wear it with Navy - it sounds fab - cut a dash!!!