Friday, April 14, 2006

Made another corsage

I got up bright and early today, ready to annoy the Christians from the church on my street. Every year, they have a "Walk of Witness" from a church on another street to their church; two years ago, which I think was the first year they did this, they carried an enormous cross, hewn from timber and took the opportunity to peer into the houses of heathens en route who weren't on the march. Of course they are quite entitled to do this as it's Good Friday but I found it a bit annoying.

This year, I was ready for them; I had Satan by Orbital cued up on the hifi and was going to pop out and prune my roses just as they walked past.

Well, they didn't appear - what's a girl to do, but do some knitting.

I feel cheated! But at least my friend Amanda has the turquoise corsage she's been promised. I've wrapped it up in pink tissue paper and did a handmade stamp with my rubber stamp kit.

I'll be seeing her next week so hopefully she'll like it.


Lady Sneak said...

I love what you do!!!

sometimes I knit..but only scarves!!


well done

Lady Sneak

Cherry Rolfe said...

Oooh you are naughty - but I like you!