Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Been poorly sick...

So did lots of knitting yesterday with my feet up and some medicinal whiskies next to me. I love those daytime antiques shows...(but maybe not if I had to watch them every day).

I am now knitting the edging of my shrug but think I may have to start again as there are supposed to be over 500 stitches on there and I only have 200 or so.

I will post a picture before "I rip it up and start again" (Orange Juice, legendary 80s indie band, I salute you)

Also got a (very nice) rejection letter from Emma King about the Rowan Knitting Consultant job I went for at John Lewis at The Trafford Centre the other week. Not too heartbroken as the money and hours left a lot to be desired to be honest - think I'll stick to knitting as a non career option for now.

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knitty knitty bang bang said...

Get well soon! I have sore throat and Sal aint feelin' too hot now either. Have finished beret, pic posting on bevadamknits soon...take care hun x