Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winter Markets fun

My two lovely friends Janet and Anne visited me today and we spent a delightful day shopping in Manchester. I was going to write that they are old friends too; but they won't thank me for that as they're not that old, but I have known them for almost 25 years.

I was supposed to be buying presents but ended up buying lots of things for myself, including a really rather gorgeous charm bracelet from a stall called Calico Monkey; it has a purple plectrum on it and brings out my inner rock chick.

(Actually, not that far from the surface...)

I also bought a delightful handstitched purse as my Secret Santa gift for a work colleague. We are having a meal on Tuesday and shall exchange gifts then. The purse was from another stall called amusingly dontbitchstitch.

Here's a photo of Janet and Anne looking Christmassy and also one of my stash of goodies.

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