Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Inspector(ess) Gadget

After the saga with the Cath Kidston phone, I have been trying to get a new mobile phone that might stay undamaged for longer than a day.

I have been haunting the Orange shop and they finally relented and let me have a new phone on Friday.

(On the way there I was lucky enough to see a tree full of a flock of beautiful long tailed tits, busy tweeting away and being totally ignored by everyone but me. It made my weekend!)

I finally got my hands on the new mobile phone on Saturday and this one is for keeps.

It's a Samsung Blush (I believe it is an X830) and is candy pink, teeny tiny and ever so girlie.

It also came with a box of Benefit cosmetics - a make over card, a plastic makeup bag (quite groovy actually), Hollywood Glo body lustre and a Hoola palette.

I am giving the Hoola palette to my work buddy Gemma as the lippy has beeswax in.

So no knitting for me for the next few days while I work out how to work my new gadget. Think I might break it with my meaty thumbs.

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