Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Secret Santa

I had a lovely meal with my work colleagues last night and we did a Secret Santa.

My friend Mary got a knit your own scarf kit which I relieved her of.

I'm not usually in the habit of nicking other people's Christmas presents; as she can't knit, I intend to knit the scarf for her.

I also need to finish the baby blanket (only the edgings to do now, hoorah!) and make a fluffy purple scarf like mine for my friend Angela in time for her birthday at the end of December.

Gonna be busy over Christmas...


Anonymous said...

TEALEAF! why don't you teach her to knit?
Hope you had a lovely chrimble and Happy New Year!
have you done any squares for Ozone Nut? I knit one last night and decided to put in my BXing initials - and got them too high in the box.

veganknitter said...

Ha ha!

Yes, a knitting lesson would be good but I don't think she's too keen.

Not started my blanket square yet I think knitting "Veganknitter" might be a bit of a challenge so might do initials like you.