Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bookcrossing scarf project

As an obsessive bookcrosser and knitter, when I was given another chance to combine the two (after knitting a square for the Bookcrossing Afghan), I jumped at the chance.

The scarf arrived with a lovely journal full of handwritten entries by people who have knitted a section of the scarf before me.

I spent last Sunday afternoon happily combining green and blue cottons in a stripy pattern and then a considerable amount of time trying embroider my bookcrossing name onto it with silver thread.

I only had room to do "VEGAN", an E and an R - put them all together and you get VEGANER so the KNIT(T) bit was represented by a small red cotton square.
That was quite enough for me and I retired to bed exhausted.

The scarf is now winging it's way to the next participant Minkymoo 76.

For details of the scarf's progress see here:


Schwa said...

Oooh! Marvelous scarf! Guess what I've gone and started a wee blog too, here is my url: xxx Joyce

Crobbles said...

I love the idea of this traveling scarf. I wonder how many miles it will clock up? I also really enjoyed the Vegan Pal 2 post. What a lot of questions!
Hope to see you at a Nora's knit out soon.
Vicky x x