Tuesday, May 29, 2007

There's nothing like an English Summer...

and this weekend's dreadful weather was NOTHING like an English Summer (except, unfortunately, it was).

I finished my Mash poncho on Friday, just in time to wear for the Chester Folk Festival.

It was a fun project, despite several false starts; the original version was too small and the knitting was too tight, then when I changed to 15mm needles it was too loopy.

I also kept dropping stitches so until I hit upon the wizard wheeze of using a smaller 6mm needle to pick them up I had to keep starting again.

The sewing up was a bit of a challenge too - took me ages to work it out. Here it is after I'd lashed it together:
And here is a detail of the stitch, with my chubby arm underneath it.

It is not as big as the one in the book but I am a lot wider then the willowy model so that might be why.

And then in traditional Bank Holiday weekend style, it was too cold and wet to wear at the Folk Festival so I will keep it for when summer does arrive...

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