Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's ponchotastic...

As I am still off work I decided to start another knitting project yesterday.

I am making Mash from the Viva Poncho book, using some Colinette Giotto in raspberry which I have had for ages.

This is a bit of an experimental project as I am hoping to make one in turquoise shades for my good friend Amanda. Just the thing for her to swan about on the beach at Goa, where she goes every year, the lucky so-and-so.

So if it works out, she'll be getting one too.
Last night was spent untangling the skeins, using my lovely little wooden tool thing I bought at Habu Textiles in New York.
I have cast on 30 stitiches on some 10mm (or so) needles, it is easy but also a little bit more challenging than the garter stitch scarves I've been churning out recently.
It doesn't look wide enough at the moment but I will carry on regardless and see how it turns out.

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