Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not all quiet on the knitting front...

I've had a busy couple of weeks on the knitting front, mainly due to have the luxury of a full week off work due to college half term.

I was busy doing other things too, the main activity being sorting out 26 boxes of old books from a Sixth Form College in Bury. It took 2 trips in 2 hatchbacks to pick them up and there are still 8 boxes in my backroom but at least I know what most of them are now and are sorted thematically.

I do need help though as I bought another 8 books during half term; 3 of which I had already (they were nicer editions though).

Having given my lurex mobile phone cover to a friend while drunk (it looks good on her phone though), I have made a lovely bright pink one for myself - still to be sewn up...

I also made 2 pink corsages for my good friend Linsay; they came out quite well. I used some bright pink DK from a bargain kit I bought, some pink Whisper-like stuff and some R2 pink lurex tape (bought off eBay I think). I just need to sew some pins on the back which will probably take me several weeks to get round to doing.

I am currently working on a retro style tea cosy in some linen drape from my stash. This is the one from the latest issue of Knitting - there is a mistake in the pattern but I think I've worked it out properly now.

It was a bit of an emergency project as I didn't have anything to take with me to the Bolton Knitting Noras meeting on Sunday. In my traditional style, I knitted most of it at the Knit Out and then unpicked it all when I got home.

The Bolton Knitting Noras group is going fantastically; there were 10 of us at the last meeting, including charming new member Jennifer.

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