Monday, January 15, 2007

Join me on the dark side...

I've just returned from a wonderful fun-filled weekend in Sheffield, where I went to visit 4 friends in different parts of the city and celebrated 3 birthdays.

I also taught Isobel to knit - she's a natural!

As previously mentioned, she wants to knit a pregnancy poncho for herself - we had a look at my Viva Poncho book and she's decided on a drapy moss-stitch one.

We've adapted the pattern for Sanchez as it calls for 12.75 circular needles and these are nigh on impossible to get in the UK at short notice.

As baby is due in April, time is of the essence!

Is is using some woolmix double knit in a lovely heathery mauve colour. This is from my stash, donated by someone and was no use to me.

I left her casting on on Sunday morning with 6mm bamboo needles and with a sample of moss stitch I did on 5.5 needles.

I hoep that she will enjoy it and not get too frustrated. She has some local knitting friends who should be able to help if she gets stuck.

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