Saturday, October 06, 2007

Under the Hoodie

In the last month or so I've been busy knitting, rather than blogging which is the way it should be really I suppose!

Having owned the wonderful Stich n' Bitch Handbook for years I thought it was about time I attempted to make something from it rather than just looking at the pictures.

I have lots of Sheena Anne acrylic mohair look yarn which I have accumulated over the years (I think it used to be sold in Poundstretcher) and I thought two patterns in particular would give me the ideal opportunity to use some of these up and reduce my enormous stash.

Having made some gloves and a stripy beanie (which doesn't suit me) from some dark and pale green Sheena Anne I thought the Under the Hoodie project would be ideal to use up the rest of the balls I have.

I also incorporated a trim made from some bright green Sirdar Valentino that Bev passed onto me when I started knitting again.

It didn't take me long to knit at all; about 3 weeks and I am particularly proud of getting the pocket in the right place.

Here it is in progress:

And here it is more or less completed. I just have the sleeves to sew on now so should be done within the next five years.

Of course I have no idea if it will fit my enormous bulk...

The second project is Pin Up Queen by Annie Modesitt. I doubt I shall look like a pin up queen in it once finished, but a girl can dream.

I am using six balls of white Sheena Anne that I got from a charity shop and the gauge seems about right. I have decided to do the neck and front "busty bit" in a mixture of Jaeger Siena cotton in a pale coffee colour and some white Patons Cotton Splash I picked up somewhere or other. This is because I thought a mohair-ish neckline might be a bit itchy and also a bit of texture over my bosoms might be a good idea.

I started it last weekend, just before the latest meeting of Bolton Knitting Noras and I have completed the back already.

Marvellous what you can get done when off work with a sore throat.

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Jehanine said...

Respect for the hoodie! Wicked!!!! How do I subscribe to the blog, by the way, so that I know when there's a new post? Ooh, I loved the plastic bag cutting instructions too - I'd wondered how that worked! I'm really tempted to knit myself a bag. Lot of love m'darlin,
Jehanine x