Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Summer poncho finished

My lovely local knitting chum Michelle gave me some gorgeous pale grey Jaegar Albany cotton at our knitting picnic in July and I wanted to put it to good use.

I made a summer poncho, based on "Desiree" in Viva Poncho. Unfortunately, I couldn't work out the stitch at all so did a twisted double rib instead which I think looks more or less the same.

I have now finished this, apart from the sewing up (which I also don't understand!) and some silver lurex tassels.

So it's not finished at all really...

I also show a photo of the "St Ives scarf" I started while on holiday in yes, St Ives. As there was a yarn and jigsaw shop (something for everyone!) it seemed rude not to buy some yarn.

I got a ball each of Elle Pizzaz, Sirdar Boa, Vegas and some varicoloured Eskimo, plus some 8mm circular needles. I cast on 300 or so stiches and knitted about 2 or 3 rows in each yarn.

It kept me busy on the beach and on the 7 hour train journey home.

Think it is a mite too long though - 153 inches (not quite 6,000 yards of woollen reins but nearly).

I like it though; Tom Baker on acid.

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